I'm Andrea.

I’m a spatial thinker, analyst, developer and researcher based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

My work focuses on the intersection of geography, technology and policy.

I’m currently working at the University of Waterloo identifying new ways and strategies to manage Canadians’ risks to natural disasters. I’m interested in using technology to help people understand problems and prioritize action where it is most needed. I hope my work helps communities and individuals become more resilient to extreme weather events.

You can check out an interactive map I made for a UNFCCC-initiated event on climate and energy here, a visualization tool I developed that shows climate change impacts in small rural communities here, and a peer-reviewed policy brief I co-wrote on sustainable insurance and climate change here. Or check out my resume on a map

Some of my other loves/hobbies include painting, reading about the digital age and hypothetical futures, and volunteering (as much as I can!).

Tweet me @Andrea_Minano or connect with me on LinkedIn.